About Us


Welcome to Turn3 Autosport.

Turn3 was born out of the passion co-founders Jeff and Kevin have for helping fellow enthusiasts experience unforgettable adventures. It all began ten years ago, when they met at Seattle’s Pacific Raceway where they relived their favourite turns over lunch. One of their favourites—turn 3 right there at Pacific Raceway.

What they found was a shared obsession with cars, and the desire for uncompromising service. Over the last decade, Kevin and Jeff have travelled across North America and around the world, always connecting on races, turns and high performance cars. Some close claim it’s an addiction. For Jeff and Kevin, it’s an incredible adventure ten years in the making.

At Turn3 We Believe:

  • Cars are to be enjoyed instead of just drooled over in temperature-controlled garages.
  • A car’s soul (and that of the person driving it) comes alive when pushed to its limits.
  • Passionate drivers share a bond that cannot be explained.
  • A good drive brings out the best of who we are.
  • In innovative technology, as long as it doesn’t insulate us from the machines and roads we love.
  • Living an adventurous life with cars, corners and camaraderie is the only way.
  • Taking care of your car should not be a major inconvenience in your life.

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