About Us


Welcome to Turn3 Autosport.

Turn3 was born out of the passion that founder/owner Jeff Alton has for helping fellow enthusiasts experience unforgettable adventures. Jeff’s passion began many years ago when, as a child, he was able to witness the Porsche East African Safari Rally effort up close and in person. Jeff’s father, Len, was able to bring them to the factory works garage in Kenya where they got to see firsthand the dedication to perfection displayed by the team.  Jeff and his dad followed the team around East Africa for  2 years in a row watching and cheering for Porsche in the rally. Years later, Jeff and many of his track enthusiast friends and colleagues would often discuss their favorite turns at the tracks they had driven. For Jeff, and many of those friends, the Turn 3 complex at Pacific Raceways (right here in the PNW), was their favorite turn. Hence the name “Turn3 Autosport”.  What they also discussed was a need for a professional facility that offered service, preparation and parts that was focused on the customer, was tailored to their individual needs and treated them with respect.  From this came Turn3 Autosport. Some people close to Jeff, and the members of his team, think it is an obsession or addiction.  For the Turn3 Autosport team it is a dream come true. Jeff and his team strongly believe and share an obsession with cars, the desire for uncompromising service and value for our customers.

At Turn3 We Believe:

  • Cars are to be enjoyed instead of just drooled over in temperature-controlled garages.
  • A car’s soul (and that of the person driving it) comes alive when driven.
  • Passionate drivers and enthusiasts share a bond that cannot be explained.
  • A good drive brings out the best of who we are and allows us to connect with like minded enthusiasts.
  • In innovative technology, as long as it doesn’t insulate us from the machines, roads and people we love.
  • Living an adventurous life with cars, corners and camaraderie is the only way.
  • Taking care of your car should not be a major inconvenience in your, our your family’s, life.
  • Customers should be treated with respect, both as individuals and financially.

 The Shop

We expanded in April of 2015 and will be expanding again in early 2017.  Demand for our products and our best in the business service has been very strong.  We doubled our square footage in 2015 and will be adding again to our facility in 2017.  We have a fully equipped facility with the latest and most up to date technology and equipment to serve you. Check back soon for pics and updates of our additional space.