Turn3 Autosport Vehicle Services in Langley

Scheduled Maintenance

Turn3 Autosport is capable of completing every procedure necessary to keep your Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari or other European car performing at its best.  We perform the maintenance requirements of your European vehicle based on the manufacture’s recommended interval. 

During this maintenance we only use products that have OEM manufacturer approval to ensure your Factory Warranty remains valid if your car is still covered by OEM warranty.

Standard Repairs and Replacements

Turn3 Autosport can complete any repair to your vehicle that does not fall under “scheduled maintenance”.  This would include everything from Brake Service/Replacement, Suspension Service, Fuel System Repairs, Transmission repairs etc.

Any repair your vehicle requires


Having an issue with your vehicle?  Is your Check Engine Light on?  Let us help.  Our expert technicians utilize the latest OEM and Aftermarket diagnostic tools and we have all OE Factory fault finding data and information.

Wheel and Tire Service

Turn3 Autosport is a dealer/installer for all tire manufactures.  We also are dealers for the best performance forged wheel brands in the industry as well as every aftermarket wheel producer.  We can source and mount and balance any wheel/tire package you desire. 

We also supply Winter Wheel and Tire packages. We use state of the art touchless mounting equipment to ensure your wheels are protected.  Winter Wheels/Tires to Racetrack Wheels/Tires and everything in between.  We have you covered.

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Wheel Alignment

At Turn3 Autosport we are wheel alignment experts.  We have the latest state of the art technology to align your vehicles geometry correctly. We also specialize in performance wheel alignments. 

From stock setting to full Race Track settings, we are  your number 1 choice.  We have extensive race and track experience to help get  your car set up so it performs to match your driving style/preferences.  

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Engine Building Program

At Turn3 Autosport our engine building program builds from completely stock restoration engines all the way to complete race engines and everything in between.  We build all makes of engines with an emphasis on air-cooled/water-cooled Porsche and water-cooled VW. 

We build custom larger bore/stroke motors that can feature Turn3 specific camshaft grinds, head work, CR, induction systems, exhaust and programmable ECUs.  Our program will build the best engine available for your specific needs. 

Call or email to schedule an engine build consultation.  Or, stop by and we can you show you the builds we have underway.

Transmission Building Program

Our transmission building program can do everything from synchro replacement to complete custom geared transmissions.  We build all makes of manual transmissions and specialize in all Porsche gearboxes from the 356-991 as well as VW/Audi/BMW/MB etc.

We can repair your transmission to factory specs or build you a custom transmission that suits your specific needs perfectly. 

Call or email to schedule a transmission build consultation.

Provincial Inspections

We are a British Columbia Designated Provincial Inspection Facility.  We can perform Out of Province Inspections on vehicles imported from other Provinces and Countries. We can also perform inspections for those who have received a “box 2” Inspection notice.

Custom Fabrication

Need a custom exhaust or roll cage built?  We have you covered.  We fabricate everything from custom exhaust systems to full race car roll cages.  All done in house by our team.  Call or email to schedule a fabrication consultation.