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Announcement: After years of wanting to build a business around our passion for cars and service, Turn3 Autosport is in Business

February 1, 2013

Turn3 Autosport is officially openWe want to earn your business…the old fashioned way.

At Turn3 Autosport, we are fanatics about service and obsessed with cars. For that reason, we believe that when someone takes the risk of trying something new, the business owner should be delighted at the opportunity to showcase what they do – and, take the risk in that first transaction as a sign of their gratitude.   We also believe that existing customers should always be extended similar gratitude. If something does not turn out as they expected, it should not cost them in terms of their time and money.

In an ideal world, these things would be normal…but as you know, all too often this is not the case. Turn3 Autosport was designed around the ideal that if you take care of your customers and are accountable for doing as you say – the rest will take care of itself. You can read more about the Turn3 Differences here.

The Turn3 Test Drive:We want to earn your business, so your first visit is free!

We believe the best way to build a business based on money-where-your-mouth-is service is through word-of-mouth from people that have had a great experience. So, rather than advertising in traditional ways, we are allocating our advertising budget to letting people experience Turn3 for free…no strings attached. We believe that if we do our job right, then you will come back to us again and again and tell your friends and colleagues about us as well.

So, here’s the deal. For Porsche, Ferrari and other European Cars (our specialty):

The First Visit is Free – no hidden fees, no taxes, no nothing. We want you to see the Turn3 Differences for yourself.

> Your Free Visit/Test Drive Includes:

▪           Washing and vacuum your car for you.

▪           Changing your engine oil and filter.

▪           Checking and filling all other fluids.

▪           Checking all of the systems in your car: Brakes, Suspension, Lighting, etc.

▪           Diagnose any issues or concerns you have about your car.

> Need A Repair Instead?
  If you don’t need a service done, but have something that needs to be fixed, we will gladly do the first two hours of that repair for you – complimentary.

> Courtesy Car:
  You can use a Turn3 courtesy car for free if you have some things to do while you wait, or hang out with our WIFI and coffee if you want to wait in the lounge

> 2nd Opinions Are Always Free:
If you have an issue with your car and need someone to look at it, you should not have to pay for someone to inspect it. Simply give us a call, bring your car by, and we’ll be glad to help at no charge.

Take The Turn3 Test Drive:
  Or let someone else try it for themselves.

Just call Angela Renwick (customer service) at 1-888-304-3953 or email her at and she will set you up for your first visit!

If you know someone else that owns a European car/sports car that would appreciate what Turn3 stands for, then you can forward this offer to them as well. Just make sure they give us your name, so we can properly thank you.


Jeff & Kevin

Turn3 Autosport Inc

5-19351 94th Ave
Surrey, BC, Canada
V4N 4E6

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