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Life as a Race – January 2014 Newsletter

Life as a Race:
354 laps & counting – the 2014 race has just begun

Have you ever thought of life as being like a car race? Think about it – it’s interesting:

  • Each year is like a race in that there is a set number of time or laps
  • Each lap is like a day in that you go through a similar routine – hopefully with the intent of getting better the next time around
  • In both you are constantly navigating obstacles
  • In racing as well as life, you are competing against yourself as well as other people
  • And, most importantly, you always want to make your next one better in some way or get a new one!

Life is just like a race…We hope you can look at this year’s race & feel like you will win and that your equipment is better at the beginning this year than last.
We have many customers & friends that are upgrading their cars over the winter – helping improve their life for the 2014 season.

To start, the New Year off well, we are hosting 2 events in the first 2 months that will not only give you some ideas but also allow you to connect with some other Turn3 customers & break the winter doldrums.

Saturday, February 1st BMW Club

Thursday, February 20th – Girodisc

Putting our money where our mouth is….

We believe a business should put their money-where-their-mouth-is to earn the business of a new customer.  At Turn3 Autosport, we want to prove we deserve the opportunity to take care of a new customer and their cars and will cover the cost of the first oil service for a new customer on their Porsche or European vehicle.  This just seems like the right thing to do.


If you have any friends or family with European Cars that are not using Turn3, please extend this offer to them.  We would like to meet them and prove that we will take good care of them.


There’s always something interesting going on at Turn3.  Here are 3 interesting projects from the past few months:

“Who let the snake in here?”

We had a very interesting car in the shop last in November – a Viper.  This thing was crazy – 650+ horsepower with a little help from a supercharger.  The car came to us as there were issues with the original installation of the supercharger kit.  We sorted out the issues and brought the maintenance on the vehicle up to date. Although a different car than we normally work on, we respect the power that it created…would be a fun and exciting to take to the track!


This is one interesting car and project.  A 2007 Porsche 997 GT3 RS – a spectacular car to begin with, but we like the idea of taking perfection to another level.  Initially the car was brought to use because of oil leaks in the motor – which we are taking care of.  The plans are to:

  • Rebuild the LSD (Limited Slip Differential) with internals from Guard Transmission.  We are dealer of GT products and they are the best in the world.
  • Installation of a set of FIKSE wheels that we ordered for the customer and had custom painted to match the car.
  • Converting PCCB (Carbon Ceramic Brakes) to conventional (kind of!) steel brakes by Girodisc
  • Performance ECU tuning and Carbon airbox install.

You can see more about this project on our blog and facebook page:

“PPI on a 911 – witnessing a first timer”

It was very cool to be part of this project – a Porsche enthusiast had us do a PPI (pre-purchase inspection) on a 1977 911.  Like with any inspection, we found some issues that needed to be addressed immediately and some others that could be dealt with over time.  The good news is that armed with that information, the potential buyer was able to negotiate a fair price and become a first-time Porsche owner – all in the same day.   It brought back memories of our first Porsche purchases…
The new owner will likely do some of the repairs himself – he said that he would like to learn to work on the car – and bring the more changing work to us.  Perfect!

Market Place
For Sale

996 track prepped and street friendly

997 C4S Cab

Race Car – We can custom finish to suit your needs

Prospeed RS683 Brake Fluid

RSS Tarmac series control arms for 996/997/986/987

911 Widebody race car tub


  • 65-80 Porsche 911/912 – any condition
  • Used 996 GT3 wheels
  • New customers!!

All the best for a great 2014 & let us know when we can be of assistance.

Jeff & Kevin

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