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Turn3 Autosport and PCA-CWR Event: Staying Ahead of Maintenance

Pre-Planning The Predictable Maintenance Issues On Your Porsche

Surprises can be great – when they make you smile or laugh.  Standing beside your car on the side of the road is not one of those moments – especially on a back road in winter!  We love our Porsche’s and most of the time; they are as reliable as a Swiss Watch.  Our beloved cars also have their own weaknesses – predictable weaknesses, and when we address those issues, the reliability is amazing.

 At this event, we are going to look at (and see the damage from neglecting) the top maintenance issues that modern Porsche’s have such as IMS Bearings, water pumps, coolant tanks, shifter cables etc.

Date:  Saturday, November 22nd

Time:  9am – 11:30am

Location:  Turn3 Autosport

RSVP:  contact at Erwin at

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