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1981 911 SC

Are you curious about values for aircooled 911s? In the market for one or have one to sell? Values for these cars are on the rise. Has the top been reached and the bubble about to burst or are we just getting started? Let us know your thoughts!

This particular 81 911SC came to Turn3 Autosport on a trailer. Having sat for many years without being driven it needed our care.

On the engine side, we rebuilt the entire CIS system, did a complete maintenance including plugs, cap, rotor, plugs, oil and filters and a valve adjustment.

Next, we serviced the gearbox with Brad Pen 80/90 Classic gearbox oil.

We solved a few niggling electrical issues along the way.

We rebuilt the front and rear calipers, replaced the pads and flushed the brake system with new fluid.

We replaced the front strut inserts, tie rods and performed a complete corner balance/alignment. Now complete, the car is riding on new Bridgestone tires on it’s 7.0/9.0 Fuchs wheels.

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