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DSC suspension tuning products are in!

DSC suspension tuning products are now available at Turn3 Autosport Inc. Experience professional race chassis tuning in just minutes without ever picking up a tool! Using the same connector the factory offers, the DSC Plug N Play Module takes just minutes to install. Once installed, the DSC Plug N Play Module offers three ranges for the car’s active chassis. From smooth tracks and high speed turns to bumpy drives on the street, DSC will provide the most optimum damping value for your needs.

For 997.1/997.1 cars we install a 3 axis accelerometer as these cars only come with a 2 axis. The 997.2/987.2 cars already come with a 3 axis part. These are compatible with stock PASM dampeners or with upgraded PASM equipped HD or Sport Bilstein parts as well as Bilstein Damptronic coilovers. Also available are Tractive DDA coilovers that work with this system.

We have installed one in a 997.1 S that we can demo for you. The change in dampening characteristic is amazing. All three modes create dramatic improvement in ride quality and handling.

Give us a call or send an email to have any questions answered and to learn more about this incredible product.stand-alone-kitshome_boxes6imageplug-n-play-dsc-moduleshome_boxes1image

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