Mercedes Benz Service & Repair North Vancouver


Welcome to Turn3 Autosport.  Your number 1 Dealer Alternative for servicing/repairing/maintaining your Mercedes, every model and every year, even classic.

Why Choose Turn3 Autosport?

Tired of waiting for an appointment at the dealership and then feeling like your business really did not matter to them?  Were you surprised by the bill? At Turn3 Autosport our team of Expert Technicians will look after your Mercedes like it is their very own.  We strive to provide a 5 Star service experience for you, and settle for nothing less.  We strive to provide the best value and highest level of service available anywhere.  Our reviews speak for them selves.

We will follow the Mercedes recommended service schedule for your vehicle and perform the required inspections to ensure you have the most trouble free ownership experience possible.  We use only the best products when conducting our service and repairs to ensure a long service life.  All of our service is Mercedes Warranty Approved and additionally backed by our own 2 Year/40,000km Warranty that includes Roadside Assistance.

We perform all service, repairs and maintenance your Mercedes could ever need. Everything from regular maintenance, repair and replacement of consumable items such as brakes, clutches, tires and belts right up to Engine and Gearbox rebuilding in house. We can also modify your Mercedes for any purpose you choose, be it performance, off road, autocross or track driving.

Our facility is equipped with the best electronic diagnostic tools, Mercedes specialty tools and resource material available.  

At Turn3 We Believe:

  • Cars are to be enjoyed instead of just drooled over in temperature-controlled garages.
  • A car’s soul (and that of the person driving it) comes alive when driven.
  • Passionate drivers and enthusiasts share a bond that cannot be explained.
  • A good drive brings out the best of who we are and allows us to connect with like minded enthusiasts.
  • In innovative technology, as long as it doesn’t insulate us from the machines, roads and people we love.
  • Living an adventurous life with cars, corners and camaraderie is the only way.
  • Taking care of your car should not be a major inconvenience in your, our your family’s, life.
  • Customers should be treated with respect, both as individuals and financially.

The Shop:

We expanded in April of 2015 and again in early 2017.  Demand for our products and our best in the business service has been very strong.  When we expanded in 2015  we doubled our square footage and our 2017 expansion yielded another 50% increases in size. 

Our latest expansion was in May 2018 to a new state of the art fully equipped and modern 11,000sq/ft facility.  We have the most up to date and modern facility available to help serve your needs.  

Is Turn3 Autosport near me? You are only a short drive away from a 5 star experience. Our modern service facility is conveniently located in Langley which allows us to have a larger space to accommodate our client growth.

If you find yourself too busy to be able to head out our way, please ask your advisor about vehicle valet. Pick-up and delivery of your vehicle is available.