Tires & Wheels


The right tires can make all the difference in how your car performs on the street and track, summer or winter.  We supply the best brands and make it easy for you to get new tires while we perform other maintenance on your car – making it easy and saving you time.

Did you know your tires should be inspected regularly?  Besides just checking the pressures, your tires should be inspected for abnormal wear, tread depth, age, cracking, debris and other damage.  Ensuring your tires are in good condition and the correct type for your driving conditions is vitally important.

What About Wheels?

Your wheels can make or break the way your car looks and performs.  We offer a wide variety of factory and aftermarket wheels from the leaders in the industry.  Need a second set of wheels for you winter tires or track tires?  Not a problem, we will explain all the options available.  

Sometimes even a color change to your wheels can make a big difference in appearance.  We can provide this service for you as well.

Wheels should also be inspected for damage and straightness to ensure your car is performing the way it should.  We can have your wheels repaired and refinished to the highest quality standards with quick turn around.

At Turn3 Autosport, our wheel and tire experts will ensure that your tires and wheels are custom-tailored to the needs of you and your car. Correct fitment and a variety of choices allow you to create the perfect tire-wheel combination – the first time!


We offer in house mounting and balancing service on our state of the art RAV equipment.

Some of the brands we carry: